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Monthly Archives: December 2011

California Supreme Court Upholds Law Eliminating Redevelopment Agencies

Posted in Labor Relations, Layoffs, Legislation
The California Supreme Court issued a ruling upholding a law that eliminated redevelopment agencies throughout the State.  This closely watched lawsuit stemmed from two measures passed by the Legislature last summer to help close California’s budget deficit.  The first measure eliminated more than 400 redevelopment agencies that were funded by property tax dollars.  The second… Continue Reading

Balancing Conflicts Between Work And Religion

Posted in Personnel Issues, Workplace Policies
Recently, a Macy’s employee was fired because she refused to allow a teenage transgender customer use of the women’s dressing area. Natalie Johnson, who worked at a Macy’s in San Antonio, Texas, watched the teenager shop in the women’s department.  When Johnson saw the teenager in the women’s dressing room, she told the teen “You’re… Continue Reading

The First Amendment In Public Employment And Education – Six Issues For The Year 2012

Posted in Education, First Amendment, Legislation
2012 promises to be a significant year for freedom of expression in America, not only because protest movements are expanding across the country in various forms, but also because 2012 is an election year.  And, it will not be just any election, but one involving a “show down” of forces that have railed against each… Continue Reading

Court Expands Employers’ Ability To Obtain Workplace Violence Restraining Orders

Posted in Personnel Issues, Workplace Policies
This guest post was authored by Judith Islas   A recent California Court of Appeal ruling provides employers an important weapon to combat workplace violence.  The Court in Kaiser Foundation Hospitals v. Wilson ruled that courts may consider and rely on hearsay evidence to grant workplace violence restraining orders and injunctions.  This is a significant… Continue Reading

With AB 1028, The Legislature Clarifies The Limits On Post-Retirement Work Opportunities For PERS Retirees

Posted in Legislation, Retirement
This guest post was authored by Steve Berliner   As of January 1, 2012, PERS retirees will have additional restrictions on their ability to work for PERS agencies.  While AB 1028 affects several different Government Code sections, it is garnering the greatest attention for its changes to Government Code sections 21221(h) and 21224; the two… Continue Reading

PERB Adopts Proposed Emergency Regulations On Mandatory Factfinding

Posted in Labor Relations, Legislation
This guest post was authored by Bruce A. Barsook Yesterday (December 8), the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) adopted proposed emergency regulations to implement AB 646 (Chapter 680, Statutes of 2011), the recently enacted legislation requiring factfinding in bargaining disputes under the MMBA.  The emergency rulemaking package now will be submitted to the Office of… Continue Reading

Pandora’s Box Opens – California Supreme Court Rules Vested Health Benefit Rights For Retired County Employees Can Be Implied

Posted in Retirement
This guest post was authored by Judith Islas The California Supreme Court recently opened the door to a new way employees and retirees can sue local public agencies.  The Court held that employees and retirees may have implied contractual rights.  Retired county employees may even have an implied contractual right to vested health benefits, although… Continue Reading