Photo of Jeffrey C. Freedman

Jeffrey C. Freedman has forty years experience representing public agencies as well as private companies in all areas of labor and employment relations law. Jeff joined Liebert Cassidy Whitmore in 2002 after having been a partner in his own labor law firm for more than twenty years and in a large national firm.

His areas of practice include representing clients in state and federal court litigation, before the EEOC, Fair Employment and Housing Commission, California OSHA, the NLRB, and other state and federal regulatory agencies.

Governor Jerry Brown began his term as California’s Governor this January announcing ambitious plans to restructure state and local finances.  His proposals have set off a fire storm of controversy.  At this point, he has yet to announce any plans to propose new legislation dealing with employment and labor relations issues.  However, his appointment of

Retirement-LCW.jpgA local agency employee retires and begins receiving a pension from the California Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) and is then offered part-time employment with the old employer because economically motivated layoffs had left the old department short-handed.  What obstacles and limitations do the agency and the retired employee face in this situation?