Photo Credit: Saadia Mahdi

This post was authored by Melanie L. Chaney.

As a proud American citizen, I want to instill a healthy respect for American government and democracy in my child.  I have a son who has an interest in American government that belies his seven years on this earth.

You may have read in the Washington Post about the 17 African-American women who were all elected to the judiciary in Harris County, Texas this last November bringing the total number of African-American women judges in the County to 19.

Earlier this month, my son Carson and I had the opportunity to attend the swearing in ceremony of one of the newest Harris County judges, the Hon. Dedra Davis, who happens to be a dear friend of mine for the last 30 years. I brought Carson to the ceremony because I wanted him to see democracy in action first hand and witness what can be accomplished when one chooses to be an active participant in democracy and works hard towards a goal, even when the chances of success seem bleak.  It might sound cliché, but I want him to know that as he grows up, he does not have to wait on the world to change.  Rather, he can choose to be the change that he might want to see in his world and his government.

Carson was asked to lead the Pledge of Allegiance for the ceremony and he rose to the occasion.  He proudly led the Harris County bench, numerous elected officials and many other notable Harris County citizens in the Pledge of Allegiance without fear or hesitation.

It was a proud moment for me as a friend, as a parent and as a participant in democracy that I wanted to share!