In 2013, we reported on the “Black Swan” lawsuit, a case brought by unpaid interns who worked on the film and claimed that they were employees entitled to regular pay and overtime wages under the FLSA.  The trial court agreed that the interns were employees of the studio, after it applied the “totality of the

Interns.jpgIn February we reported on the growing number of lawsuits brought by unpaid interns against companies they worked with for failure to pay regular and overtime wages.  The unpaid interns claim that these businesses treated them like employees.  Consequently, the interns argue they should have been paid like employees as required by the federal Fair

Teamwork.jpgEmployers have for years utilized unpaid internship programs to give students and recent college graduates a chance to gain work experience.  However, since the recession began in 2008, a growing number of unpaid interns have accused their employers of exploiting them. 

There are currently several class action lawsuits working their way through the courts that