The California Ralph M. Brown Act (Brown Act) requires public agencies to conduct agency business in public at properly noticed open meetings, subject to very narrow exceptions.  Under the Brown Act, meeting agendas must be published seventy-two hours prior to the governing body’s meeting.  A legislative body cannot act on Items not on the agenda.

Taking Notes.jpgThis guest post was authored by Meredith Karasch

Buried within the State’s 2012-2013 budget, is a new provision that may have the effect of suspending portions of the Brown Act.  In an effort to reduce expenditures, the budget suspends reimbursement to local agencies for costs of posting agendas.  Under Government Code section 17581, the


This guest post was authored by Connie Almond

This legislative season various “post-Bell” laws were proposed to prevent excessive compensation for public officials and to foster greater transparency in local governance.  One bill which was adopted, AB 1344, made significant changes in both respects.

AB 1344 prohibits an employment contract between a local