Photo of Kelly Tuffo

Kelly Tuffo has represented public agencies for over fifteen years. Her areas of expertise are labor negotiations, labor relations, contract administration and employment law, including employment discrimination, harassment, discipline and investigations. Kelly advises cities, counties and other public sector employers on all aspects of employment relations, conducts workplace investigations, and represents clients in disciplinary proceedings and mediation and arbitration of grievances. Kelly provides training on all areas related to her practice.

California’s Computer Data Access and Fraud Act (CDAFA) (also referred to as the “Anti-Hacking Statute”) prohibits access to computers, computer systems, and networks without permission in order to do harm or engage in unauthorized use. (See California Penal Code § 502). Violation of the CDAFA may range from a misdemeanor to a felony offense, and

As the COVID pandemic rages on, employees required to work remotely since March 2020 will continue to do so for at least a foreseeable portion of 2021. While a burden for some, the pandemic has opened endless relocation possibilities for others, allowing some remote workers to visit and stay with family, work from a vacation

 As California battles close to 600 wildfires burning more than one million acres across the state, many areas are experiencing unhealthy and even very unhealthy air quality. During these conditions, employers must comply with the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (CalOSHA) worker safety requirements to protect outdoor workers from wildfire smoke effects.