Photo of Jenny-Anne S. Flores

As Litigation Manager, Jenny-Anne works closely with the Litigation Practice Group on compliance with litigation guidelines, budgeting and defense strategy.  She supports the firm’s litigators and litigation clients by providing strategic oversight and ensuring the highest quality control of litigation matters.  Jenny-Anne serves as a liaison with insurance joint powers authorities and insurance companies; oversees litigation case budgets; sources key litigation resources including expert witnesses, mediators, arbitrators and jury consultants.  Additionally, she supervises the utilization of our paraprofessional staff including paralegals and litigation support specialist.

The figures related to the COVID-19 pandemic have become grim in the United States.  As of March 30, 2020, at least 160,700 individuals have tested positive for the virus, with approximately 6,800 of those cases in California. As the number of positive COVID-19 cases continue to rise, we anticipate that many agencies will unfortunately be