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PERB Exercises Jurisdiction Over Bargaining Units That Include Peace Officers Individually Excluded by Statute and Will Not Consider Affirmative Defenses Based on Undisputed Facts Alone

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Gavel-and-Books.JPGWhen the Legislature amended the Meyers-Milias-Brown Act (MMBA) in 2001, it gave PERB jurisdiction over the statute, but not over certain agencies, and not over “persons who are peace officers as defined in Section 830.1 of the Penal Code.” …

The San Diego Superior Court Follows The Will Of The San Diego Voters And Denies PERB’s Request To Block Implementation Of The Comprehensive Pension Reform Initiative.

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This guest post was authored by Alison Neufeld

The San Diego Superior Court has denied the Public Employment Relations Board’s request for a preliminary injunction preventing the City of San Diego from implementing Proposition B, also known as the Comprehensive …