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NLRB Ruling to Allow Northwestern University Football Players to Unionize May Have Broad Implications

Posted in Labor Relations
The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) recently ruled that Northwestern University football players who receive grant-in-aid scholarships and have not exhausted their playing eligibility are “employees” under the National Labor Relations Act, and therefore have the right unionize and engage in collective bargaining with their “employer.”  (Northwestern University v. College Athletes Players Association (CAPA))  This … Continue Reading

Supreme Court Holds That Employers Must Furnish Exclusive Representatives with Personal Contact Information of Non-Member Unit Employees

Posted in Labor Relations
This blog post was authored by Adrianna E. Guzman, Brian P. Walter and Shardé C. Thomas Today the California Supreme Court published a decision, County of Los Angeles v. Los Angeles County Employee Relations Commission, that requires a public employer to disclose home contact information for all bargaining unit members to the representative for the bargaining unit.  … Continue Reading

U.S. Supreme Court Invalidates SEIU 2005 Dues Increase as Unlawful Effort to Raise Money for Political Battle

Posted in Labor Relations
Californians will remember the special election called by former Governor Schwarzenegger in 2005 on eight ballot propositions he endorsed.  The initiative measures covered diverse issues including teacher tenure, abortions, government finance and legislative redistricting. One proposition dealt with public employee union dues and would have prohibited unions from using dues for political contributions without obtaining … Continue Reading

The San Diego Superior Court Follows The Will Of The San Diego Voters And Denies PERB’s Request To Block Implementation Of The Comprehensive Pension Reform Initiative.

Posted in Labor Relations, Pension, Retirement
This guest post was authored by Alison NeufeldThe San Diego Superior Court has denied the Public Employment Relations Board’s request for a preliminary injunction preventing the City of San Diego from implementing Proposition B, also known as the Comprehensive Pension Reform Initiative (CPRI).  This local ballot measure was passed by a significant majority of voters … Continue Reading

PERB Publishes Proposed Regulations On Mandatory Factfinding

Posted in Labor Relations, Legislation
This guest post was authored by Connie C. Almond The Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) recently published proposed regulations to implement AB 646 (Chapter 680, Statutes of 2011), which requires factfinding in bargaining disputes under the Meyers-Milias-Brown Act (MMBA).  PERB is accepting written comments regarding the proposed regulations through June 12, and will hold a … Continue Reading

California Supreme Court Upholds Law Eliminating Redevelopment Agencies

Posted in Labor Relations, Layoffs, Legislation
The California Supreme Court issued a ruling upholding a law that eliminated redevelopment agencies throughout the State.  This closely watched lawsuit stemmed from two measures passed by the Legislature last summer to help close California’s budget deficit.  The first measure eliminated more than 400 redevelopment agencies that were funded by property tax dollars.  The second … Continue Reading

PERB Adopts Proposed Emergency Regulations On Mandatory Factfinding

Posted in Labor Relations, Legislation
This guest post was authored by Bruce A. Barsook Yesterday (December 8), the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) adopted proposed emergency regulations to implement AB 646 (Chapter 680, Statutes of 2011), the recently enacted legislation requiring factfinding in bargaining disputes under the MMBA.  The emergency rulemaking package now will be submitted to the Office of … Continue Reading

S.B. 931 Passes Assembly Committee

Posted in Labor Relations, Legislation
This guest post was authored by J. Scott Tiedemann Today, the State Assembly Committee on Public Employees, Retirement and Social Security passed S.B. 931 (Vargas).  The bill, which was passed by the State Senate on May 16, 2011, is now headed to the Assembly Floor for second and third readings and a vote. S.B. 931 … Continue Reading

That Negative Comment Posted On Facebook May Constitute Protected Activity

Posted in Labor Relations, Privacy, Social Media, Workplace Policies
The National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”) is the federal counterpart of the Public Employees Relation Board (“PERB”). The NLRB is the body that oversees the administration of federal labor law, and PERB is the body that oversees the administration of California labor law. Recently, the NLRB prosecuted a complaint brought by its Connecticut regional office … Continue Reading

Liebert Cassidy Whitmore Founding Partner, John Liebert, Passes Away

Posted in Labor Relations, Liebert Cassidy Whitmore
This guest post was authored by Liebert Cassidy Whitmore John Liebert, pre-eminent public sector labor relations attorney and founding member of Liebert Cassidy Whitmore passed away on Monday, February 7, 2011.  He was 81. John emigrated as a boy from Nazi Germany, living in Holland when Hitler struck, and navigating to New York on ships that … Continue Reading

Will 2011 Be An “E-Ticket” Ride In Sacramento? The New Governor’s Labor Relations Agenda Remains Unclear

Posted in Labor Relations, Legislation
Governor Jerry Brown began his term as California’s Governor this January announcing ambitious plans to restructure state and local finances.  His proposals have set off a fire storm of controversy.  At this point, he has yet to announce any plans to propose new legislation dealing with employment and labor relations issues.  However, his appointment of … Continue Reading