We’re rounding up the top 5 public safety blogs of 2020, with topics ranging from formerly incarcerated persons being trained as firefighters, COVID-19 testing in law enforcement settings, and much more!  If you’re still wanting to learn more about recent public safety legislation, be sure to check out our Webinar-on-Demand, “2021 Legislative Update for Public Safety,” presented by the Chair of LCW’s Public Safety Practice Group, Partner Geoffrey S. Sheldon.

The Top Five Public Safety Blogs of 2020 (So Far):

  1. AB 2147 Clears Career Paths for Formerly Incarcerated Persons Trained as Firefighters
  2. Issues Public Employers Face During Mass Protest – Question and Answer
  3. COVID Briefing: COVID-19 Testing and Law Enforcement
  4. UPDATE: March 30, 2020, Governor Newsom Issues Executive Order Extending One-Year Statute of Limitations for Administrative Investigations of Police Officers
  5. AB 1599 Seeks To Modify SB 1421, Potentially Further Expanding Public Access to Peace Officer Records Related to Sexual Assault