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A concept known as “lost time” in some negotiated Memoranda of Understanding is now State law. Effective January 1, 2019, public employers may be required to grant paid leaves of absence to employees so they can serve in leadership positions in their unions, if requested by


The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) recently ruled that Northwestern University football players who receive grant-in-aid scholarships and have not exhausted their playing eligibility are “employees” under the National Labor Relations Act, and therefore have the right unionize and engage in collective bargaining with their “employer.”  (Northwestern University v. College Athletes Players Association (CAPA)

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In 2018, health plans too rich in coverage will have to pay a “Cadillac Tax.”  Public employers, who have traditionally provided generous health benefits, are starting to consider the impact. 

The IRS will impose the excise tax on insurers and plan administrators.  Employers anticipate that these costs

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Today the California Supreme Court published a decision, County of Los Angeles v. Los Angeles County Employee Relations Commission, that requires a public employer to disclose home contact information for all bargaining unit members to the representative for