This post was authored by Lisa S. Charbonneau.

Many employers struggle with properly paying non-exempt employees who attend courses, conferences, seminars, meetings, and other trainings. In the absence of labor agreement provisions or other agency rules or policies governing this issue, public agency employers must follow the rules of the Fair Labor Standards Act

hourglass-small copy.jpgThis article was reviewed in October 2019 and is up-to-date.

Many public employers utilize 9/80 work schedules for non-exempt employees.  A 9/80 work schedule is essentially a two-workweek schedule of eight 9-hour days, one 8-hour day, and one day off.  However, once the 9/80 work schedule is implemented, there are a number of mistakes unsuspecting

Work-Travel.pngA few weeks ago, we provided some guidelines on how to deal with employees whose jobs require them to travel away from their office during the regular work day and how to determine whether their travel time is or is not compensable.  That post dealt with situations where employees leave from and return