This post appeared in June 2015.  It has been reviewed and is up to date.

Many schools, colleges, and municipalities operate special programs and camps during the summer months.  Staffing these programs and camps frequently involves hiring temporary or “seasonal” personnel, such as lifeguards, camp counselors, swim instructors and boathouse attendants.  In recognition that

This article was reviewed in July 2021 and is up-to-date.

As the summer season winds down, so do public agency departments that hire seasonal workers to staff summer camps, pools, extended park and recreation hours, and a myriad of season-specific facilities and activities. But, just how do seasonal workers impact the agency’s health and retirement

hourglass-small.jpgMany agencies offer seasonal recreational services during the summer months, such as swimming pools, beaches and summer camps.   If you operate seasonal recreational services, the employees you hire may be exempt from minimum wage and overtime requirements.  Read on:

A.) What is the Recreational Employees Exemption?

The recreational employees exemption in the Fair Labor Standards