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Non-employees may be able to sue employers for COVID-19 infections that can be traced to the employer’s workplace. A recent California Court of Appeal decision may pave the way for third parties to collect compensation from employers due to COVID-19 infections.

A California Court of Appeal recently allowed a cause of action brought by an

When working with employees with disabilities, employers need to keep track of various laws that govern whether the employee may be entitled to leaves, accommodation, or even a disability retirement.  What makes matters more complicated is that the definition of disability is not the same under each law.  So, while a medical condition may meet

On September 17, 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law two COVID-19 related bills – Senate Bill (“SB”) 1159 and Assembly Bill (“AB”) 685.  SB 1159 is an urgency bill that is now effective immediately, and sets forth rebuttable presumption standards to establish workers’ compensation coverage for employees who contract COVID-19.  AB 685 modifies

Gavel 2Yes, these are real cases involving real people.

Everyone in Southern California Would Need to be Accommodated If This Were a Disability

A former employee in New Jersey sued her employer for wrongful termination after she requested an accommodation for her disability: an inability to drive in rush hour traffic due to anxiety and depression.

workers-compEmployers often worry, for good reason, that they are unable to take an adverse employment action against an employee who has made a claim for workers’ compensation. But, if an employer is prepared for the inevitable 132a discrimination charge, employees on workers’ compensation are not immune from being disciplined.

Why should employers care when it


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A few recent regulatory changes regarding Workers’ Compensation and Paid Family Leave go into effect on July 1, 2014.  Agencies should update their applicable policies, practices and/or forms accordingly.

Physician Predesignation Requirements Altered

Under Workers’ Compensation regulations, employees may be treated for an industrial injury by a